Bruce Odland sound artist,composer, sonic observer of the visual culture.


Guarlingo podcast about Bruce Odland

Michelle Aldredge of Guarlingo interviews Bruce Odland. They go deep into his theories of sound and culture with plenty of sonic examples.( Look and listen here.)

"Sonic Commons" "Reflections on the Sonic Commons" O+A, Leonardo Music Journal Vol. 11. 2009. "We are sonic thinkers, we trust our ears, not our eyes. . . " (download the pdf)
Boston Globe, March 09, 2015
Matthew Guerrieri, GLOBE CORRESPONDENT , reviews O+A's provocative "my eyes. . . .my ears. . . " Boston Globe

The BBC covers Odland's activities at the TANK, creating a Center for Sonic Arts, in the amazing reverberance of an abandoned water tank in the deserts of Colorado. (Watch here)


"Requiem for fossil fuels" at the WORLD FINANCIAL CENTER, 2010

Wall Street Journal-"Composing a Symphony of the Streets"
Two Musicians Combine the Noises of the City and a Traditional Mass for a Modern Urban Soundscape

New York Photos of the week.

O+A give keynote at European Science Converence. The Irish Times reports on O+A's Keynote address "Towards a Hearing Perspective" at ESOF, a europe-wide conference of Scientists in Turin Italy, July 8, 2010.
"The Future of Noise" on CBS NEWS Mo Rocca takes on the topic of Noise on CBS Sunday, and interviews O+A as they document the NYC soundscape. Broadcast on Sunday Morning Nov. 8, 2009.
"Harmony in the Age of Noise" 2008

Boston Globe , Cate McQuaid, May 9, 2008," It may not tell you the future, but it will certainly tune you into the present"
NPR's" Living on Earth,"Our Sound Environment" April 11, 2008," what is noise and what is art is in the ear of the listener"

Christian Science Monitor,Stacy Teicher Khadaroo,May 20, 2008 "What would it be like if we paid attention to the sounds that we make as a culture?"


Requiem for fossil fuels 2007

Concert performance on You Tube

NY Times. J.R. BRANDSTRADER, October 28, 2007"a warning and a salute to a dying way of life".


"La Didone" with the Wooster Group 2007-2009

The Herald ,NEIL COOPER, August 14 2007,"Yes, it’s opera, but not as we know it"

Variety ,Mark Fisher,Aug. 21, 2007,"Odland, meanwhile, creates a flawless blend of sound..."

New York Times , Ben Brantley, April 6, 09 "this is a dream you want to live in for a while".

"Elevated Harmonies" 2006 New Yorker, Alex Ross, (download pdf) "a new way of hearing a denatured world"
"Stadtraum" O+A, 1991 Art in America, Shelley Rice, January 1992 (download pdf )"made it clear that the complexities of our sound environment must be understood if harmony is to be restored to urban life in the future."
"Blue Moon" O+A, 2004   New York Times, Roberta Smith, May 21, 2004 "See With Your Ears" (download gif) "altered beyond recognition but still imbued with the thrum of urban life"
"Re-tuning the city"   Musicworks Magazine, Kay Burns, Spring 2007 in depth article (download pdf) "a collaboration between traffic noise and the intervention of two artists seeding to improve the acoustical environment in which we dwell."
"Garden of Time-Dreaming" O+A, 1990  

High Performance Magazine, Jacki Apple, Winter 1990 (download pdf)"Odland and Auinger understand and employ sound as another way of 'knowing. They invite you to enter the world by a different door...."

"Blue Moon" O+A, 2004   ZAPP Magazine, Lex Baghat, Spring 2005 Interview w. O+A (download pdf) "we have no real words to talk about sound in our society."

"Cloud Chamber" O+A 1997

  New York Times, NEIL STRAUSS, March 20, 1997 " the pair turned the sounds of the city into eerily beautiful music."
Harmonic Bridge, 1998-present   Print Magazine Jul/Aug, 2001 (download pdf) "I'm trying to put forth an observation of our culture by thinking with my ears-- I'm interested in making something beautiful out of the noise."
America's Design Director   Surface Magazine, 2004, Grace Jeffers, "America's Design Director" (download pdf) "if we're willing to sacrifice our hearing at the alter of visual culture, in what other unseen sacrifice are we also participants?"
"Hearing House Hat"   “Acoustic Architecture—
Architectural Acoustics” in Amsterdam
Review of exhibition at De Veemvloer (Stichting Vedute)
"Garden of Time Dreaming" 1990 O+A  

Ars Electronica 1990 - Garden of Time-Dreaming by O+A

excerpt from ORF Documentation about Ars Electronica 1990 showing the project "Garden of Time-Dreaming" by Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger

Radio, Video    
John Schaefer's Sound Check WNYC, 11/10/10, Live performance and interview for "Requiem for fossil fuels"   WNYC "SoundCheck" "It’s the end of an era -- and sound artists Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger have a Requiem to mark the occasion. Their Requiem for Fossil Fuels combines live vocalists singing the traditional Latin Requiem text with the processed sounds of the city"
CBS Sunday Morning "Future of Noise" November 8th, 2009   "Future of Noise" was broadcast on CBS Sunday Nov, 8th with Mo Rocca interviewing O+A. We were in process of gathering materials for our new performance piece "my eyes. . . my ears. . . " Why do we live in a culture where the highest art (Moma Sculpture garden) sounds like any taxi stand? watch
"Hearing Space" installation   ARTSNEWS Composer and sound artist Bruce Odland also refers to himself as a sonic thinker. In 2007, he received an Arts Alive Artist Grant to make an installation about listening to nature.
"Blue Moon" interview   WNYC "SoundCheck" July 15, 2004John Schaeffer interviews Bruce Odland on the site of "Blue Moon"
"Garden of Time Dreaming" 1990 O+A   excerpt from ORF Austrian Television News about Ars Electronica 1990 showing the project "Garden of Time-Dreaming" by Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger