Some writings on the state of sound in our culture today. . . . . Bruce Odland

Too loud to think In the future people will not be able to comprehend why we acted the way we did.  They will not realize we were blinded by our noise. . . .(More)
The Age of Noise Its the Age of Noise, any kind of fossil fueled sound is fine as long as it is economic. . . . (more)
Snail on a Snare Drum
I am sitting at the Cafe Rath with tears streaking my eyes. I'm not being emotional-my ears are in some type of psychic pain. Through the night giant diesel trucks gnawed . . . . (more)
How to build a Sound Park In the sound park, ears must lead, and eyes must support- reversing the normal ratio in all public and private places. Unless this ratio is reversed in favor of hearing . . . . (more)
Consider the Whale
 Equipped via evolutionary brilliance to communicate through oceanic sound channels with low frequency sending and receiving sense packets over world spanning distance. . . .(more)
Sonic Alchemy, an interview prosthetic attention allows my mind to surf the currents of the experience of living with extended attention. I'm also inspired by what I learn from the technology . . . .(more)
We are what we hear?
We won't understand ourselves until we understand our noise. . . (more)